The Largest Online Slot Casino Website in Korea

Betwiz has become one of the most popular online slots site options in Korea. Being one of the most recommended casino sites, Betwiz is the first casino that works with reliable and popular gaming providers and has a lot of games together with bonuses and free spins. Betwiz is elegant, easy to use, and has become the starting point for many of their gaming experience.

The Most Popular Online Slot Games in Korea

Online Slot Machine Rules

Playing online slot machine is very simple, and also profitable since you can increase your bets hundreds of times just in a few seconds. The player spins the reel and tries to collect the best combination of images. The better the combination, the higher the payouts. Every slot machine has its own rule which you can see at the beginning of the game.Here are the basic rules you need to know about 7 PAYLINE, SCATTER, WILD and FREE SPIN.

The Winning Line is the payline made up of symbols that guarantee a certain profit. Payline can be a vertical or diagonal line that intersects on reels, including one symbol on each reel, thus achieving a payline that is unique to each gaming device. The traditional slot can have up to 9 winning combinations, and in more advanced video slots-even a hundred lines.

Scatter is a symbol that is used to create free spins. The main feature of scatter is its symbols. When 2 or more scatter symbols are gathered, the amount equal to the wagered stake is winning. Also, free spins are provided when 3 or more scatter symbols are gathered.

Wild symbols have a unique function of replacing any other symbols, by making winning combinations. For example, if reels 1 and 3 drop the same sector and reels 2 drops wild, the player wins. Also, some wild symbols give an extra win.

Free Spins are a type of bonus in video slots and slot machines and one of the most common additional features. Typically, to run free spins, you need to catch three or more Scatter symbols that are independent of the active lines . Often, the more Scatters you get at the same time, the more spins you get. Those who love to play slots will be extremely excited when free spins appear.